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Rental conditions apartment Club del Sol Mallorca


The lease is concluded between the tenant and Mrs. AV Kortenoever, hereinafter referred to as the owner. The following conditions are part of the booking agreement.

Process of booking and renting the apartment



You can reserve a period for the apartment by email or telephone. This has the status of an option. You will then receive a booking form, the rental conditions and the method of payment of the rent and the deposit.


Rental agreement
This option becomes final when we have received the booking form, with name, date and signature, by post or by fax and have also received payment of the rent and the amount for the deposit of 200 €._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ You will then receive a confirmation email from us.

The person who signs the booking form declares that he or she is authorized to accept the booking conditions on behalf of all participants mentioned on the booking form, or their replacements, or persons added at a later date. The signatory must be part of the party occupying the apartment and must be at least 18 years of age. Extra persons are not allowed without the agreement of the landlord.

Bookings must be accompanied by a payment of the rent and in addition a deposit of 200 € per booking period.


You can transfer the payment to our account at:


ABN Amro Bank


IBAN NL 26 ABNA 0405726163



In the name of AV Kortenoever

Please mention Mallorca and the reserved dates


When booking, the entire amount plus deposit must be transferred.


All prices are final, as confirmed in the owner's email.

The rental prices mentioned are per week and include use of water, electricity, gas and light, washing machine, TV / DVD and wireless intranet.  We also take care of the payment of the tourist tax. To this end, we would like to receive a copy of the passports of persons older than 16.




Duration of the booking

There is a minimum rental period of at least 1 week.


If you wish to cancel the booking, you must notify us by email. In case of cancellation for whatever reason within 1 month before the date as stated in the booking form, no refund of the rent will be given. The deposit is of course refundable. 

In case of cancellation earlier than 1 month before the date as stated in the booking form, 50% of the amount and the full deposit will be refunded.


The owner is not responsible for a change in the stay due to missing a flight, flight delay / flight cancellation and or the occurrence of medical expenses during the stay in the apartment.


Number of persons

When booking, the number of people must be stated. A maximum of 4 persons older than 16 years can be specified on the booking form. For payment of the tourist tax, a copy of the passport/ID card of these persons must be sent by email at least 1 month prior to the stay. We will then take care of the payment of the tourist tax.


Placing a tent or caravan in the garden  is not allowed. Ignoring this fact gives the owner the right to immediately terminate the lease without the obligation to refund the rent already paid.


Arrival and departure times
For the transfer of the apartment, we expect you from 3 p.m. local time on the first day of the rental period. If you arrive earlier than 3:00 PM, you may be asked to wait until the apartment has been cleaned and inspected.

You are kindly requested to vacate the apartment on the last day of the rental period before 10:00 am local time. You can still use the swimming pool and the terrace around the pool on the day of departure.


Damage to the apartment and/or household effects must be reported to IDEAL by telephone before this time. Excessive costs for returning the apartment to its original condition, as well as costs for damage suffered, etc. are settled directly between the tenant and the owner or his authorized representative.

Changing the booking

If the tenant, after the booking has been confirmed, wishes to make changes to the booking, these will be processed after a request to do so via email.


Cancellation by the host
The landlord reserves the right to terminate the rental contract immediately and without costs in the following cases:
- when the agreed rent is not correct
- when the rental conditions are not or incompletely met

In the event of force majeure due to fire, natural disasters and war, the lessor may be forced to cancel a reservation. The rent already paid will be refunded.


If the apartment is not available on the booked date, due to calamities or transfer to another owner, the rent already paid will be refunded in full. However, the owner will make every effort to find another holiday location. The tenant has no other rights against the owner.

The tenant is obliged to pay a deposit as a guarantee for the payment of costs that are not included in the rent, as well as costs arising from damage by the tenant to the apartment and household effects. Every booking is accepted on the condition that the tenant is responsible for returning the key, breakage, loss and damage to the rented apartment and the household effects, even if this is established after the departure of the tenant. The deposit is 200 € and must be paid in advance at the time of booking. The deposit serves as security for any damage or loss. Reimbursement of the deposit, possibly after deduction of costs to be settled, will take place after approval from the administrator of Ideal.

You can expect the deposit back within two weeks after the end of the rental period. 



During your stay

Blankets, duvets, duvet covers, pillowcases, towels and tea towels are available in the house. There are 4 beach towels provided. For children there is a toddler bed, high chair, baby bath, baby monitor and beach toys.

There is a TV and wireless internet. The kitchen is very complete with a dishwasher, washing machine and combi oven. Cleaning products, detergent, detergent cubes, toilet paper, etc. are available and are supplemented by IDEAL. You must provide washing powder yourself.

On arrival it is very nice if there are bottles with fresh drinking water, beer, wine and fruit juice. That is why we ensure a stock at the beginning of the season. You are requested to supplement the amount used with the same type of drinks for the next tenant. 


Smoking is not allowed in the apartment.


The apartment is cleaned and put in order by the management organization IDEAL before and after the rental period.

If you have complaints about the cleaning or condition of the apartment, you must report this to the management organization Ideal as soon as possible after arrival so that they can resolve your complaint during your stay. 

Your apartment will be cleaned with the utmost care, but it is possible that the wind blows red desert sand on the terrace after cleaning. If necessary, you can discuss this with IDEAL.

You are kindly requested to dispose of all food, empty toiletries and rubbish in the waste bins in the car park upon departure.


Take care of the apartment
Our apartment has been renovated and furnished with the utmost care. 


You are expected to treat the apartment neatly and carefully.  You are responsible for leaving the apartment in the same condition as it was found at the start of the rental period. The tenant will allow the owner or his authorized representative of the management organization IDEAL to enter the apartment during the rental period to carry out necessary urgent repairs. The need for such repairs is at the discretion of the owner/operating organization.


You agree to pay the repair costs of damage caused during the rental period, including breakage, damage to the apartment and household effects, and to reimburse any identified missing items on the basis of replacement value. An adequate travel insurance to cover these risks is recommended for the renter and all other participants of the party.


Smoking and pets are not allowed in this apartment.

You are requested to use the air conditioning sparingly. The air conditioning consumes a lot of energy and only works when all windows and doors are closed. The air conditioning can both heat and cool.



“Spanish Habits”

During periods of severe drought, the municipality's water supply is cut off for a number of hours in the  village. Make sure that the water supply of at least 2 large water bottles is up to standard. The supply of electricity can also stagnate for several hours in case of calamities. This also applies to the wireless internet.

The owner  cannot be held liable for this. The management organization will make every effort to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

There are candles in the apartment and the restaurant El Patio has an emergency generator that can be used for cooking.


In a Mediterranean climate, insects such as mosquitoes and ants cannot be prevented from entering the apartment. Lemon candles, smearing mosquito oil, keeping windows closed and the air conditioning help against the mosquitoes in the early evening. Ants are mainly attracted to food; a crumb or a drop, however small, is a delicacy for them. Storing food in the refrigerator or in plastic storage bins, do not leave open packaging and dishes lying around, and keep the floor clean is the motto against these intruders.


In Mallorca, the siesta is still respected everywhere. This means that many shops and public organizations are closed from 1 pm to 4 pm.


We recommend that you read the manual on arrival for household tips including use of air conditioning and remote control TV. The manual also contains tips for trips and restaurants in the area.


The owner cannot be held responsible for changes to the apartment, whether made by the owner or caused by weather/natural disasters. In any event, no greater damage will be claimed by the tenant than the rent paid by the tenant. In order to enable the owner to possibly correct observed problems and/or deviations, these must be reported by the tenant to the management organization IDEAL immediately upon acceptance of the apartment. Complaints submitted after the end of the rental period cannot be processed and do not give any right to any compensation.

The season in Mallorca is from May to October. 

In the months of November to April it may be that not all restaurants are open yet and that the swimming pool is too cold to use. The lessor is not liable for this.

The owner of the apartment is not liable for direct or indirect damage caused by the tenant's use of the apartment and/or the environment. This includes without limitation: damage, insurance, loss due to fire, theft or crime.
- The tenant must therefore have a so-called liability insurance for private persons.
- The landlord is not obliged to pay compensation if you leave the holiday home prematurely - for whatever reason.
- The landlord is not liable or responsible for damage or inconveniences, in whatever form and caused by whatever cause, for the tenants or others who are in or near the rented house.
- The tenant must immediately report any damage to the IDEAL management organization.


Amsterdam, September 2019

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